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Reviews for "BunRunner"

I haven't finished the game but its pretty solid and I like that its fairy challenging .

Most people mess up momentum,backgrounds and controls but you did a good job on those .

I also like the overall artstyle and presentation . Good job dude its not very common to see a polished game anymore .

FishtailGames responds:

Thank you very much! I wanted the game to be somewhat challenging to mirror the reality of the bunny's situation. If I had more time, I would implement a hard and easy mode, but that's not currently on the plan.

Thank you so much for your feedback, I appreciate that very much, though I'm sure the game could be more polished than it currently is (not that I would tell you about any known bugs xP)

It's challenging which makes it fun :D Great work!
Some epic art would make this game even better tho ;3 Hehehe~

5 stars for 5 star game, CHEERSS!

Gameplay is good. Leveldesign also. I would only spend some more time on the consistencyof the gfx.

FishtailGames responds:

Thanks a lot!

Quite small and simple game. I actually liked it a bit. But please - rework the speed of the game. At start it just feel a little too slow.