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Reviews for "BunRunner"

Sorry but not working.
The Unity loader appears, and the title screen and menu, and you can click on help and credits, but when you click on play the the menu slowly fades out into a black screen and then nothing.

After a while Safari showed a Plugin Failure sign.
Firefox just stayed black.

Running latest Safari and Firefox on OS X Yosemite

I didn't check the audio.

FishtailGames responds:


sorry to hear the game didn't work for you.
I investigated the problem you described, and I dont' think the issue is related to your Browser or OS.
I am self-taught and quite new to developing games, so I won't pretend I know exactly what's going on there.

I suspect it might be an issue with OpenGL (which Macs use by default instead of DirectX). I created a forum post asking for help on the matter: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1392165

Again, sorry it didn't work for you. If I find a way to fix this bug, I will let you know!

Challenging and fun.

Quite small and simple game. I actually liked it a bit. But please - rework the speed of the game. At start it just feel a little too slow.

It's challenging which makes it fun :D Great work!
Some epic art would make this game even better tho ;3 Hehehe~

I haven't finished the game but its pretty solid and I like that its fairy challenging .

Most people mess up momentum,backgrounds and controls but you did a good job on those .

I also like the overall artstyle and presentation . Good job dude its not very common to see a polished game anymore .

FishtailGames responds:

Thank you very much! I wanted the game to be somewhat challenging to mirror the reality of the bunny's situation. If I had more time, I would implement a hard and easy mode, but that's not currently on the plan.

Thank you so much for your feedback, I appreciate that very much, though I'm sure the game could be more polished than it currently is (not that I would tell you about any known bugs xP)