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Udom Nebdon

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Author Comments

A very short horror-themed "Alone in the Dark"-alike.

You are the carrier of a magic mirror making your way through a dark temple to reach its inner sanctum.

Made in 72 hours during Ludum Dare #32

controls: keyboard
you can choos between old-school tank controls or camera-relative direct controls. See in-game description. Press ESC to switch any time.

This game uses the Pravas font by @Jupiter_Hadley

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Unplayable under Chrome, but works under Pale Moon.

The gameplay feels a little slow - it takes a few screens to reach the first beam of light, and when I encounter a second monster, it also seems like it needs a few screens to reach that as well.

Surprisingly, I really loved the game! At first the graphics were like "....ok" and the controls seemed weird but after a minute or two I got used to the controls and got immersed into the game. Also excellent work on the atmosphere! I also recorded myself and made a video: https://youtu.be/jb-HXFyc8n0

About the horror aspect of the game, I can't really say that it scared me or something like that. It was more of a funny experience for me =)

Really cool start to a game! The controls are kind of awful, to be honest - the tank controls are preferable to the direct controls (unusable) but still very wonky, lots of getting stuck on walls and pillars. Still, the art style, tone, ambiance, sound, all great! I think if you fixed up the controls this would make a great basis for a good horror game along the lines of Alone in the Dark or earlier Silent Hill games. The current controls definitely detract from the experience, but for 72 hours, this is really great! Would love to see this pursued with more time to polish it - the world's been lacking a good classic-inspired horror game.

Both control options were awful and as a result made this unplayable. The atmosphere was nice and creepy but the graphic style made it hard to see. Overall poor artistic choices paired with poor mechanics.

For those that are having difficulty, I use the Tank Control option to move around better without having to change direction all the time. Camera angle changes remind me of the first Resident Evil. I got the hang of it after dying a few times. What kills me is not the ability to run, especially near the last room that you need to get into without sneaking by it in order for you to "reflect the light" in time to kill it. I had to run all the way to the room where I killed the first monster next to the big door room. Maybe the Shift key would be something to make the character run.Other than that, great eerie ambiance music, simple 3D style game with a few errors to spare. 4/5

Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

May 21, 2015
1:17 PM EDT