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Google Ass

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Okay so just so everyone knows- this is a much older video, I never was able to put this on Newgrounds because at the time I didn't have swivel and the file was too large to upload so I kinda forgot about it until very recently. This came out when Google Glass was still being made and there was speculation of it being available to everyone and not just the very well off/rich people. Alrighty- sooo, yeah- here yah go!
(Also yea I know this looks really shite- looking back I didnt know the lip sync was so bad and the animation was minimal, etc)

*Updated Addition!!*
Daily 1st!?!?!? this is crazzzzyyyy!!!!!
I never imagined Id ever get daily first before!
This is awesome!! Newgrounds was the first website I was ever on back in 2000/2001 -this is an honor for something I've made to be featured on there!! Let alone as #1!!!!!

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I love your old stuff just as much as your new stuff! <3

Spinalpalm responds:

Ayee ty man
That makes me very happy to hear- appreciate ya :>

hear hear!! Google Ass! lol


Well notbad this was an interesting film piece here you have some good ideas here and for an older film this was still pretty good stuff so really nice job here good stuff this is the kind of entertaining elements that made the grounds fun

Fun stuff hope you make more like this


This is me when I pee.

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May 16, 2015
1:33 AM EDT