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Our "hero" Brendan is back, and this time, he may be in more over his head than over. Hal Laboratories has created a new ultimate pokemon, and with encouragement from his mother, Brendan decides to go after it.

**Sprite Movie**

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This was nice the sprites are pretty good and have some good animation with them so you did good on that and the film itself was pretty amazing I didn't find anything that should be changed as it's pretty good stuff if you ask me

No changes on this one


where's holy sprites 3

Sunrie responds:

I don't know if there will ever be one. The collab fell apart a while ago, unfortunately, and I can only run Flash 8 Pro, so being in a collab is impossible for me. Also, I don't have the means of learning HTML 5 right now, either.

Hahaaa, that was awesome! :D First scientist remark really brought me back to Oni btw, that can't be intentional can it? I guess scientists might commonly say such things hmm. Sprite work was flawless, as was the voicing and plot progression, all puns, all comedy potential, not slowing down even when the credits start rolling, nice work.


Sunrie responds:

I wish I could take credit on the Oni reference, but I'd be lying. Clovis15 did a fantastic job and intentionally hammed it up for that B-Movie style acting.

Thank you on the voice work. I did have a few problems with audio quality, but that just may be my own personal complaints, ha!

LMFAO Yeah, this was as funny as when we visioned it in the script! hahahah that end song still cracks me up. I almost forgot i recorded that!

Can't wait to write the next one!


Sunrie responds:

Yeah, we need to figure out if the song was about Professor Eucalyptus or a different person breeding Branch.

Really funny, clever, and well-animated.

The voice acting could use some work, though (especially Mewtwo). It sounded like you were recording inside a tin can. I recommend you build a dedicated sound booth (they're pretty cheap) or hire a voice actor to do your voices.

Other than that, this is an overall really great submission.

Sunrie responds:

It's called a laser reverb in Audacity. Was going for an effect in which it was almost as if MewTwo was speaking telepathically.

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

May 12, 2015
9:43 PM EDT