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Princess Protector

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Author Comments

Submitted for StencylJam2015.

The Princess has run away from the castle. Retrieve her, Sir Knight, before the Wizard finds her. Guide her homeward and protect her at all costs. It is your sworn duty!

UPDATED: Alternate keys for AZERTY / QWERTZ users. The beginning is no longer confusing. You can now go back between scenes. The green boxes are destroyed easily. No snagged movement in next scene. Due to how I spawned my actors, the game still uses manual checkpoints.

Thank you for your suggestions, everyone!

CONTROLS: Movement -- LEFT key, RIGHT key
Jump -- Z key or S key
Attack -- X key or D key
Defend -- DOWN key

DIALOGUE: UP key to talk, X key to advance dialogue, confirm, etc.

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This was pretty nice the story and graphics really came about well and a fun game to play too


cool but

bug: i load the game and i cant move...

Just annoyingly difficult. Nobody likes escort missions to begin with. But the princess needs to be way too close to you to follow you. I managed to make it to the boss but I have to give up now. It's hard even to tell if you're dealing him damage. And when I manage to lay a hit on him, I've always taken multiple hits just to do that. I'd have to grind way too much for max health upgrades and games shouldn't make you grind.

Good potential, but a lot of poor design. Too many jumps are way too exact if you want to avoid damage. some of those walls with spikes on top are like piranha plants that never go back in the pipe.

Also, there was a fatal glitch in the outdoor room with two buttons, the one that leads into the final castle. The middle button just glitches you out and kills you, and then you have to go way back to your last save point.

xcmn responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciated.

--A lot of the annoyance could be mitigated had I implemented auto-save on every screen, as Tom suggested. But I couldn't get that to work.

--Thanks for catching that glitch, TharosTheDragon!

--Nice job getting to the boss! You're right. It's less than obvious when you hit him. He plays a noise and tints green, but I should have made him flash white and a play a louder noise.

To kill him, you must only attack when he stand on the left or right side of the screen. Jump over the third fireball and tag him. It takes 9 hits! After 5 hits he becomes stronger so watch it!

It bothers me that he can only be safely attacked in 1 out of 3 of his patterns. But this was my first boss design, ever. I think it's good enough. You just have to watch his patterns and only attack him when he's on the ground.

Thanks again for the feedback! It really helps to hear this stuff.

I like the story, graphics, Dialogue and scenes! Kept me playing a while.

You are showing great potential with your first published game! There are lots of cool gameplay concepts in here and puzzles that feel really fresh. I also like the art and character designs.

On the very first screen I was initially confused where to go - it wasn't immediately clear that I had to go up and exit to the top left. On something like the first screen it's good to hit people over the head with what to do / where to go. I was similarly confused after coming back from the bridge collapse, I pretty much did everything Cyberdevil mentioned in his review. Things seemed more clear from that point on and the little puzzles were great.

My one other preference would be that when you die, you restart on that screen, rather than go back to a save point. It saves players from having to redo things they already succeeded at and also removes the need to have regular save prompts - you can just auto-save on each screen entrance.

Looking forward to playing more of your games!

xcmn responds:

Thank you for the helpful insights. I agree with your save suggestion. My next game will be similar but with better puzzles, gameplay elements, and a better story/dialogue.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

May 12, 2015
2:06 AM EDT