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Reviews for "Princess Protector"

Nice game + fun concept of leading the princess safely back. Except that breaking those green blocks: sometimes works w/ 1 hit, and sometimes it needs like 10 hits...

Also plz remember that in EU many don't use qwertz keyboard layouts. X+Z isn't very ergonomic for those using qwerty or azerty layouts. The Z key is where the Y key is. imo, X+C or S+D would be a more international choice.

xcmn responds:

Thank you, I had no idea about different keyboard layouts! As this is a contest submission, I don't think I'll change anything but I'll definitely use different controls in future games. Yeah, those green blocks don't always sense you hit the bottom of them. My next game won't be so rushed, I promise!

Very good Game!!!

unplayable. buggy┬▓ wasted potential, sorry

xcmn responds:

It's cool. This was my first published game and a tremendous learning experience. Please elaborate on the bugs you encountered, I'd like to know.

Way to buggy. Very often controls get stuck.

This game is ok the graphic style is pretty good, but unfortunately you can't go back and forth between the different sections of the level I was at first, but now I can't this is the only reason for the 2 1/2 stars

xcmn responds:

Initially it was set up so you could go back between the scenes but I disabled this because of a bug I ran into in the later levels. Also, to prevent coin-farming.