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Reviews for "Princess Protector"

I love the weird tone at the begining of the game, it reminds me of the semi depressing adventurous dreams I have mixed with a kirby, and the song fit REALLY well. Keep up the good work.

Very good Game!!!

Nice game + fun concept of leading the princess safely back. Except that breaking those green blocks: sometimes works w/ 1 hit, and sometimes it needs like 10 hits...

Also plz remember that in EU many don't use qwertz keyboard layouts. X+Z isn't very ergonomic for those using qwerty or azerty layouts. The Z key is where the Y key is. imo, X+C or S+D would be a more international choice.

xcmn responds:

Thank you, I had no idea about different keyboard layouts! As this is a contest submission, I don't think I'll change anything but I'll definitely use different controls in future games. Yeah, those green blocks don't always sense you hit the bottom of them. My next game won't be so rushed, I promise!

Got stuck entirely on the staircase scene where you first meet Bushly, ran past it, then ran back when the Princess ran away, and jumped down to the abyss thinking there'd be another level there (alas, all that awaited was fatal death!) and after that... seems I can't go back or forth from this one room. Also bit buggy transition in how when you move to a new room you have to let go of the movement keys and press again to start going... but controls otherwise are smooth, the story's enough to keep you intrigued, and the biggest strength lies in the visuals! Great characters, backgrounds; everything. With all control bugs fixed it feels like a flawless adventure platformer!


xcmn responds:

Thank you, kindly. I would have polished it more but I ran out of time. I learned a lot making this game. I'm looking forward to my next work without a contest deadline to meet.

You are showing great potential with your first published game! There are lots of cool gameplay concepts in here and puzzles that feel really fresh. I also like the art and character designs.

On the very first screen I was initially confused where to go - it wasn't immediately clear that I had to go up and exit to the top left. On something like the first screen it's good to hit people over the head with what to do / where to go. I was similarly confused after coming back from the bridge collapse, I pretty much did everything Cyberdevil mentioned in his review. Things seemed more clear from that point on and the little puzzles were great.

My one other preference would be that when you die, you restart on that screen, rather than go back to a save point. It saves players from having to redo things they already succeeded at and also removes the need to have regular save prompts - you can just auto-save on each screen entrance.

Looking forward to playing more of your games!

xcmn responds:

Thank you for the helpful insights. I agree with your save suggestion. My next game will be similar but with better puzzles, gameplay elements, and a better story/dialogue.