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Embarrassingly defeated hundreds of years ago by a group of whiny and troubled pubescent heroes, you are once more summoned back to life to sow terror upon people’s hearts.
Gather under your command a vast and powerful army of murderous minions and generals and loot the Old Kingdom to its ruin.


- Left Click
- Keyboard "M": Opens the "Minions" tab.
- Keyboard "B": Opens the "Bosses" tab.
- Keyboard "A": Opens the "Artifacts" tab.
- Keyboard "L": Opens the "Library" tab.
- Keyboard "C": Opens the "Campaign" tab.
- Keyboard "N": Opens the "New Game+" tab.


- Click over a minion's portrait to make it work; once it's bar fills up it will give you gold.

- Click on the green "hire" button over a minion to hire more; more minions produce more gold.

- Go over the "Bosses" tab to hire bosses; minions that share a type with that boss will work automatically.

- You can buy rituals on the library to increase your minions gold output.

- Once you reach 1 billion gold, you'll earn your first soul after resetting the game, with that soul you can activate artifacts that will give you different benefits.

Third Party Assets:

Overlod’s OST by Dmitry Jbanov – mentalcacao@gmail.com

“GUI” by Ravenmore, http://dycha.net
“Minions/Bosses” by DragonDePlatino
“Color Palette” by DawnBringer
“Coins” 141 Military Icons Set by AngryMeteor.com under CC-BY 3.0 license – http://opengameart.org/content/141-military-icons-se
“Coin Stacks” by Clint Bellanger, http://clintbellanger.net
“Game Icons” by Lorc, http://lorcblog.blogspot.com/


Haha, nice! I completed this in less than 6 hours (which probably was too fast for an idle game) and had a blast.

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@Sena01 Just look at a different tab/window and it should work instantly.

@powersternum press the artifact slot + button this costs souls as well. unused souls give a money bonus.

anyway on to my review. Overlod isn't as overcomplicated as some of the bigger idle games but still has enough going on to avoid the common problem of having to simply wait for significant stretches of time. Avoiding common mistakes isn't really enough to make it stand out but the mechanics are definitely above average.

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Cute game but how long do you have to idle for the Sands of Time artifact's bonus to kick in?

a new game plus should reset the map and make the campaign harder

i like this game and the music is alright.....but please, please let us either mute the minion payout noise or turn it down....way loud and really high pitched and once you reach having all artifacts on and 1000+ skeletons its playing every 1/2 second or quicker. mute button stops it but stops the bg music too which i kinda like

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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2015
5:55 PM EDT
Simulation - Other