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Reviews for "Overlod"

a new game plus should reset the map and make the campaign harder

i like this game and the music is alright.....but please, please let us either mute the minion payout noise or turn it down....way loud and really high pitched and once you reach having all artifacts on and 1000+ skeletons its playing every 1/2 second or quicker. mute button stops it but stops the bg music too which i kinda like

Rediscovered this game after 2 years I first played it.
Still a nice way to spend a couple hours. The final reward was a nice surprise.

Can I not equip more than one artifact at a time? what am i supposed to do with 9 souls then?

Loved it, although it could be a little deeper, but did anyone else notice that it's Overlod and not overlord? I spent 2 days trying to find this fuckin thing after I started playing it.... 4/5