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Reviews for "Overlod"

this game is so addicting to me because its money system I mean I cant just help but earn coins its appealing too

probably the BEST cookie clicker game i have seen ^^
Thanks to there acctualy beeing a goal, defeat the campaign! ^^
Enjoyed it! nice work!

I want a part 2 :-D

FelipeBudinich responds:

So do I!

I'm currently working on http://collective.square-enix.com/projects/181/omen-of-sorrow and that pretty much eats all my time at the moment.

*But* the desire to do Overlod 2 has been eating me for months, I certainly give it a shot post GDC.

Not gonna act like this is a good "game". It's a glorified cookie clicker like many games before it.

But rating it on that, I have to say it is probably the best cookie clicker, so if you are into that, go for it! Though don't expect much, it's still a grind, at least this grind gets to the end game quicker than most cookie clickers. It's held along by it's theme alone and the human need to finish something you feel you are close to finishing.

So in the end I wanna rate this higher than 3 on it's own merit after completing it but, I don't think any cookie clicker deserves more than that, it's simply a game about moving sliders and idling, hardly a game honestly.

So my rating is 2.5/5, with a badge of approval for anyone who likes cookie clickers, I do not.

let it idle for a while and cant get it off main screen. it freezes. I wasted a night playing this and probably broke my mouse