Zombies vs Penguins 3

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First Blood 5 Points

Kill your first zombie

Crush on You 10 Points

Crush a zombie

Daybreak 10 Points

Beat all Daybreak levels

Head Lover 10 Points

Get 100 headshots

Help is Good 10 Points

Check out the walkthrough

I Hate Zombies 10 Points

Kill 100 zombies

Indie Giving 10 Points

Visit More Games

Smasher 10 Points

Destroy 20 blocks

Above Normal 25 Points

Get 91 or more stars

Bouncer 25 Points

Bounce a bullet 20 times without hitting a Zombie

Bullet Saver 25 Points

Kill a Wares Zombie with the same bullet

Detonator 25 Points

Ignite 20 explosions

Extremist 25 Points

Beat all regular levels with 3 stars

Midnightmare 25 Points

Beat all Midnight levels

MultiKill 25 Points

Kill 9 or more enemies with one bullet

Quick Reflexes 25 Points

Kill a Burrowing Zombie before it hides

Wikimaster 25 Points

Unlock all zombies in the Zombie Wiki

Annihilator 50 Points

Kill 500 zombies

Completionist 50 Points

Beat all bonus levels with 3 stars

Dawn of the Unheard 50 Points

Beat all Dawn levels

Dusk to Dust 50 Points

Beat all Dusk levels

Author Comments

These horrible creatures are here again! But courageous penguins are always ready to protect yourself and the whole world! Your task is to kill all the zombies, or they will destroy us. Take the weapon and shoot! By the way, the bullet ricocheted can rebound and kill more zombies!

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Really good! One of the games like this i actually like!

Fun, Hard, Addictive

OK so i had a fun time with this entry you brought everything forward and with some good feel to it, most the elements you pushed on this was pretty good, and i really enjoyed everything so great start to something really good here, hope you keep that level of quality up. This can really Thrive ifput in more direction, but anyways. First off great intro great solid use of colors simple yet fun on this one, And as i get into this game it really does amaze me with the "GRAPHICS" and smooth detail but the "FUN" of the game itself is also very fun you really have to think on some of the hits very nice job here, A good game here now i did however see some stuff that could do with some extras just a few areas here and there, but mostly i like what you have here, i was pleased with your game, keep up what you are doing cause you do have some nice skills showing here on this. So as this flash is Evaluated, i find that you have the right Attitude and direction.

I really liked the effort you put into this but it also still can improve, A few improvments could be done here I have posted a few ideas that could really make this flash take off, I have some advice on a few things here and they are posted throughout the review but they are all some needed improvments to your flash that will make it much more enjoyble for your fans, and anyone who views and or plays this game. Maybe adding some skips on a particular level if its just too hard might be one option to help pass, Like the rockets were exploding everywhere maybe more smoother control there.


the first gamezhero game that i liked

What a rip-off.

its a rip of the mobile game stuipd zombies -_-

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2015
6:32 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed