Reviews for "Zombies vs Penguins 3"

Amusing game but there isn't a walkthrough link anywhere.. Or at least I can't find it.

And I don't really understand how the rockets work because they explode before I can even reach a zombie :(

Am I missing something?

Woop woop

Let me review that game quickly after roughly 2 hours of playing and finishing it 100% (I seriously need to go to bed now, sleepless night again). First of all I'm very familiar with the zombies vs penguins games so I'm glad to see you keep making those.

For once, the sequel is better than the previous games which is not very often the case with AAA productions. Clearly this episode is the best in the series, everything runs smoothly (like a penguin egg), fast restart button, clean line of aim. It's like you have optimized everything.

The difficulty is correct, at least in my opinion. I did encounter some difficulties but it did not last very long. Some levels will act as casual filters for those who don't have the touch and the patience. Thanks for the medals btw, with some dedication you can easily get 3 stars in every single level.

What else do I need to say , Oh yes badass penguin ! You gain one star for that.

Keep rocking guys.

ps: check the high scores in "all" and while you're at it check my score ok lol bye xoxo

where is the walktrough

yes that intro was bad ass

Really good! One of the games like this i actually like!