Chaos - Act 1: Creation

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Chaos is a Sonic The Hedgehog fan fiction animation reboot. Back in 2005 I was in high school and was strongly influenced by Randy Solem (Creator of "Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom") I became part of his community and through it developed a love for visual animation. It led me to continue my studies into college. 10 years later, here's Act 1 of the full script I've written. There's been Newgrounds sprite epics like the Rise series, Super Mario Ball Z, and even Mario Bros 8Bit before that. My aim was to set the stage to make this the Sonic equivalent.

Thanks for watching.


I can honestly say I've been waiting years to watch this. The wait was Completely worth while. The story line, from what I've seen. Seems to be really interesting and quite Original. Please Keep them coming!

I only have one problem with this animation. The audio balancing in the eggrobo scene could have been better. Other wise This is really good

I like Chaos Act 1: Creation.
When will be out Act 2?

Accana responds:

It is out now. Hope you enjoy.

You have no idea how happy I am to see this continue! Your skill with spritework has always been one of the reasons I grew to love sprite animations in the first place. I was saddened when the project seemed to be shelved, but it looks like you've taken it in a new direction.

If I may say, your animation has certainly gotten better and smoother, with closeups looking far less distorted than pixels usually allow.

One criticism I have, though, is the the sound. At several points, the music drowns out dialogue that seems important (part of Robotnik's monologue, for example) and causes me to strain to try and hear it.

Please continue this. You are very talented and have already demonstrated you can make something intense and involving, and I want to cheer you when the next installment comes out.

Holy crap, it is absolutely fantastic to see the Chaos project up and running again! The original short was one of my first videos I ever watched on Newgrounds back when it was released; which was 2006 right? Meaning I was only 10 years old. I have had some fond memories with this series, both with Chaos one & two, and I remember looking back at the Chaos Teaser in 2009 as got me so exited and thinking it was part three! I was so bummed out that the project was seen as dead by the community. However here we are in 2015, I'm now almost 20 years old and I just had the biggest nostalgia ride in a long time! It is a shame you no longer have the original shorts up as I would love to watch them again; I honestly cannot wait to see Act 2 of this epic remaster! Keep up the fantastic work dude, some of your original fans are still out there and I am sure we have waited long enough to see this project finally concluded! ;)

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Accana responds:

thanks for the kind words my man. I just posted a new video blog with a preview of act 2 coming up. you can check it out here http://www.RyanScottie.net

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