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Mach Speed

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***WARNING*** The game's ending contains flashing imagery and could cause seizures.


Arrow keys: move
Z: Jump/Wall jump
X: Dash


Traverse dangerous obstacles to receive the ultimate prize. Play as Blorp, a character with the ability to go mach speed. Run, wall jump, and dash your way to victory.

I decided to make a plat former as my first game, seeing as it's just the genre i feel the most comfortable with. I also like how hard the game is. But also, if you don't like how hard it is it's pretty short. Most of the mechanics are inspired by meat boy. I hope you like it.

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You should put a death counter on this game...I'd like to know how many times I've died in the last 10 minutes. Not too shabby.

A simple and fun game! Sprites feel unnaturally small at first, but as levels grow larger and larger (well, more complex, all screen-size) it starts feeling necessary after all. One thing I'd get rid of is that bright blue background, just feels unnaturally sharp, bit like the color you usually use for spritesheet backgrounds just to clearly distinguish what's not part of the sprites. Overall a good game. Keep it going!


A very nice, short game. Not too difficult, but it was an enjoyable few minutes. I have to admit too, one some levels where you have to make a dash, when you spawn next to a wall with spikes, it's pretty funny to just keep ramming into them.

I really cant give this anything higher than 3 stars. The reasons why are pretty simple.

The first reason is that I am having a ton of lag issue with this game. Before anyone suggests it is my computer,etc. I just finished playing another good 6 or so flash games on top of playing some non flash games with minimal amounts of lag.

The second reason is your concept of hard. Even with lag, I was able to beat this fairly easily. There are a few levels that were annoying, but that was more due to the design. Having the jump system as you do makes it frustrating to be able to jump to the edge of tiny pink spikes, immediately switch direction buttons, and jump past them and use the Dash button. Reworking the levels a tad to be larger, less cramped, and more complex would yield to be a better game.

Ways to improve this or a future version of this:

Implement something new for the dash. Have a power-up that will let your dash change to do something else, like slowing down time, or affecting gravity. Variety is the spice of life.

Work on the crispness of the graphics. What is the little pixel man supposed to be? What is it I am dashing to? The missiles look more like yellow blips coming at me unless I look closely. Add a thin black outline to define them perhaps?

Things I did like about this game: music, the idea behind it, the inspiration for it.

Keep it up. You'll get better, for sure. ^^

Benasaurous responds:

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm starting to do video reviews...this was the first game I did one for.

Full review here: http://youtu.be/nkOLKjdf0SE

Though I say it there; solid first effort, hope to see more of you in the future.

Benasaurous responds:

Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for the review and the feedback, glad you liked it!

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2.94 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2015
4:36 PM EST