Reviews for "Mach Speed"

Great gameplay and controls. Decent graphics. Interesting story.

If this sort of gameplay were adapted into a longer game with level selection, menus, bonus levels, a more comprehensive story, etc., I would certainly love to play it. It definitely gave off a Super Meat Boy vibe, and that's a really good thing.

Benasaurous responds:

Really glad you liked it! I would definitely consider making a sequel to this game because of all the feedback i'm getting.


The mechanics have potential, but they need some fine tuning. For example, the wall jump feels inaccurate to control, and the speed boost is clunky to maneuver.

The game could benefit from some sort of story, perhaps an intro and tutorial level to kick it off? It would certainly explain why, um, 'Mach'?, would be going for a pizza.

It also felt a bit too short for my liking. It was only about 10 levels.

Giving it a 3, because I did have a bit fun. But I don't feel it's worthy for the site quite yet.

Benasaurous responds:

You're certainly right. I should have spent a bit more time on more mechanics, and polishing the existing ones. As for the story, I totally understand your confusion. It's really not even a story. I just like pizza so I wanted the end goal to be pizza. Thanks for the review and the feedback!

Decent! pretty good actually, decent platformer easy at the start hard later. Good (Newgrounds dont select me for 100 bucks winner thanks)

Benasaurous responds:

Thanks for the kind words and review!

I like it :)

Benasaurous responds:

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the review and nice words.

Too difficult for my taste.