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Best friend 5 Points

Share game

Bubble Gun Lover 5 Points

Jump on bubble gun 50 times

First blood 5 Points

Kill 10 enemies

Perfumer 5 Points

Summon flies X times

True Fan 5 Points

Visit developer's link

Bronze Medal 10 Points

Earn 10k score points

Clumsy Boy 0 Points

Die on thorns 10 times

Curious 10 Points

Visit credits window

Funny Diver 10 Points

Die in water 10 times

Soldier 10 Points

Kill 30 enemies

Adventurer 25 Points

Open 10 secret boxes

Assasin 25 Points

Kill 50 enemies

Flash 25 Points

Complete 10 levels faster than default

Greedy 25 Points

Collect 300 gold coins

Silver Medal 25 Points

Earn 30k score points

Gold Medal 50 Points

Earn 50k score points

Hero 50 Points

Kill The Boss without lose your health

Rambo 50 Points

Kill 100 enemies

Zealot 0 Points

Play more than 30 minutes

Game Master 100 Points

Complete game without dies

Author Comments

Green Light!

Hi everyone! Help us and vote UP for game in Steam Greenlight! We almost complete the new version on Win/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android! We planned release in August 2016. Vote or just look our promo video and have fun :) !!!


- quality pixel-art graphic and animations
- unique hero and story
- a big final boss and original monsters
- balanced levels with hidden secrets
- ingame tutorial hints
- more than 100 different hero's phrases based on game events
- leaderboard
- 8-bit music

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When I look for a game on Newgrounds, I'm looking for one of two things. You have an interesting story to tell in a creative way, or you have an incredibly unique gameplay mechanic that makes you want to play the game nonstop. If you do both, then you're a master at your craft and deserve better than a flash site on the internet. LolliPoop doesn't do any of those. The game looks extremely nice, I enjoyed the art style, but the gameplay and story were lacking for me. Your game isn't required to have a story of any means, if you have the gameplay to hold your project up. Sadly, LolliPoop has nothing in that department either. The majority is you bouncing on the heads of sweets, and collection coins, and removing blocks with keys. It doesn't feel worth completing the game, if the game gives me nothing to want. It might give me more levels, but I don't really want them because they aren't going to use some sort of interesting mechanic in a creative way. It could give me more story, but the game's story is so one-dimensional, I don't really care what happens to anyone. Overall, I don't know what I expected from a game titled LolliPoop.

I have both the "Adventurer" and "Flash" medals. I earned "Adventurer" 2 years(decades) ago so I have no memory how it worked, but I can answer for the medal "Flash." To complete it, I expected to need to complete 10 unique levels within a certain time frame for each level, but instead I think all that was necessary was to complete any level within a certain time frame ten times. Unfortunately, I didn't realize this until I had already completed seven levels nearly perfectly. I wasted a bunch of time there.
"Zealot" and "Clumsy boy" don't work, assuming their descriptions are accurate.
I didn't expect "Hero" to work, but apparently I'm just the first person to complete that task.

This has a very annoying (and medal-breaking) loading bug. It seems somewhere starting around level 5 or level 6 (maybe sooner maybe later) after completing any level it just hangs on that loading screen for the next and you'll need to refresh browser and manually select the next level from level select. And once this starts it consistently happens for every level since.

The problem is this resets all your lives (any extras are lost) and apparently counts as you having died ("No Deaths" medal becomes impossible to obtain).

Also I notice 10 Secret Boxes medal is impossible to obtain as well, probably because it needs to be 10 boxes in one game, and reloading the page counts as another game? >:(

And the 10 levels faster than default I also assume must be done in one game which, again, isn't possible due to this between-stages loading bug.

That's three high-tier medals that don't seem obtainable due to a single game bug!

Tried on both Firefox and Chrome. Same result.


This reminds me of a Nitrome game. Great work!