Reviews for "LolliPoop"

i love the graphics and its such a fun game 2 play. grate job

MyPocketGames responds:

Thx! We too :)

A super fun and cute game. Great job-!!

MyPocketGames responds:

Thank you! New version released today!

I clicked this game because I thought it was "Lollipop"
and then when the game started..
"Oh, it's lollipoop"

By the way, nice work :]
It's fun.

MyPocketGames responds:

Yeah! It's better than lollipop :P
Thank you for interes!

Such an awesome, fun, cuuuuute game! I wish it was an iPhone app too. ^^

MyPocketGames responds:

Thank you! We are working with it now and will send message to you when we finish :)

This reminds me of a Nitrome game. Great work!