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This game will challenge you. But it will be rewarding.

ENTRY URL : http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-31/?action=preview&uid=31332



move with arrows
shoot with z
jump with x
double jump with x,x


0000 : PRESS "Z" is a frantic, hectic, fast-paced, minimal, low-rez and [add another adjective of your choosing] platformer. It's also my entry for Ludum dare 31 "Entire Game on One Screen". The game was made over 48h and I had a lot of fun making it.

It was made using Scirra's Construct 2, bfxr and paint.


If you like it, let me know on Twitter : @theotheralvaro


Me enoje mucho con este juego, es una basura, solo llegue a 6 espermatozoides. y me faltan 3 :,(
Ademas hay unos errores..

Alvarop-S responds:


I hate Level 3. God I hate it. I had to suicide myself multiple times just to try it over (Fast). Love the game though. Really good challange. The Ending screen, even though this game is minimalistic, could at least congratulate you or something^^'


Alvarop-S responds:

There was supposed to be a boss there, but since I had only 48 hours to make it I didn't have enough time.

Thanks for the kind comment.

Cool mechanic. You can use the strategy of dying in certain places if you wanna start in a certain place in the next level. But it's a bit frustrating when you have to go through the whole level to get the key then all the way back to the door only to die at the last second.

Sometimes the mechanic glitches me into walls. One time that happened I could shoot my way out using the recoil to push me to safety, but this time the glitch was fatal: http://oi62.tinypic.com/35mi8ec.jpg

Alvarop-S responds:

I'm working on a full version of the game where this won't happen anymore and you won't have to play the levels you already beat over and over again.

Thanks for the cool comment.

Tight controls. It would be nice if the screen was larger. This game reminded me of super meat boy but with a random level generator.

Alvarop-S responds:

SMB was an inspiration! You can press F to fullscreen the game, I think it plays better that way.

Okay, this was a pretty okay short game, and a pretty nice little Ludum Dare entry overall.

The minimalistic, retro presentation is okay, nostalgic, and it works well for the theme's concept as well, since most games back in the Atari era only consisted of a single screen.

The gameplay is pretty simple, you basically jump around, avoiding enemies and spikes, and shooting blocks and things that can get in your way, in order to grab a token in each stage and reach the exit carrying that token. When you die or leave a stage, you get sent to another randomly selected stage, all of which contain a token to be grabbed. Upon grabbing all tokens in every stage, you get sent to this special final stage, and the game ends. This simplicity made for an enjoyable handful of minutes, and it killed time just as I wanted it to.

There are, of course, quite some problems. First of all, sometimes you only need to grab tokens in, say, two more stages, but the random stage selector takes a long time to finally send you to the stages you need, leading to a bit of annoyance. Also, I wonder why you bothered making the shooting cause recoil, if this was supposed to be retro, and retro games are not known for having recoil in their weapons. The recoil caught me off guard more often than not, making me fall off platforms when I had just firmly found a comfortable position on them.

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Alvarop-S responds:

Thanks for the comment. Your constructive feedback is quite useful. Of course, in 48h I didn't have time to fix all issues nor to tweak the design to make a perfect game.

I like that you think of it as a retro game. I think of it as a modern game, that's why I put many modern things in it, such as the recoil, which in this case, bothered you. While we disagree on that point (and that's totally okay!) I think most of the points you make are valid. You took the time to write a well-thought out review and I really appreciate that.

If you have any more feedback, ideas or issues with the game, let me know in a private message.

Thanks again!

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3.48 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2014
11:37 AM EST
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop