Cube and Me - KS Demo

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*This demo will only be updated ONCE aside from bug fixes within this month. It is meant to be a demo, not a full game.

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12/21 update

-Ongos seller NPC
-Dice gambler NPC
-Space disease cure Donation drive NPC
-Improved NPC dialogue display method
-Added notification for Auto and Manual save

-fixed transition error caused by fast clicks
-Timer and Miss counter now displays properly during the envelope folding
-Babies no longer evolve while the player is inside inventory, World travel, or Journal screen.
-Showerhead now works properly in dungeon hotel.
12/7 update

-You can now reorganize your teams within the dungeon
-New captured Cube room in dungeon
-Added Cubepedia, encyclopedia of Cubes
-Added bulk sale option to envelopes
-Added shipping button to envelopes. No more waiting for money
-added crafting success rate display
-added Tagging during battle tutorial
-added trash tutorial
-added item tutorial

-Addressed all the known envelope issues
-Adjusted draw priority on Cubes
-Made hover tooltip display faster when hovered on Items and UIs
-Inventory should now work in dungeon at all times

Balance changes
-Buffed Friend's Cube hyper attack damage
-Adjusted Nave Blue Cube to be a more defense oriented Cube.

12/4 fixes
-M and N keys disabled
-Inventory in dungeon is now fully accesible
-The tube can be clicked on both arrow and the hole to descend.
-Friends Cube(Alternate blue)'s hyper mode attack is buffed.
-Fixed floor number display for floor transition when player reenters dungeon.

More links for information
Tumblr: http://yuijegnan.tumblr.com/
TIG Source Devlog: http://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=38246.45
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cubeandme
IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/cube-and-me

Cube and Me is a unique pet simulator with a mixture of RPG, RTS, and "roguelite" elements. You play as Lyle Dyson, an ordinary 18-year-old man who barely scrapes by working as a professional envelope folder. That is, until by chance he encounters the mysterious alien life forms known simply as "Cubes."


i really enjoyed this one but not in the way it was intended, after going into the dungeon once i started making envelopes to save up for hats and things to explore... then i saw a baby cube and completely abandoned that part of the game to focus on unlocking all the cubes and envelopes i ended up buying 100+ envelopes and folded them all, soon after i discovered that i broke the envelope shipping thing and could no longer receive the finished product at that point i lost interest... but it was fun none the less

I don't know if it's just me, but I have a really hard time moving the mouse in the game. Or moving anything. It looks really good, but because of that issue, I don't do any battles, since I always get killed due to those problems.

the folding minigame is a little to strict.

Fun but a bit confusing.
How do the stats effect the game? Does the attack effect the basic attack, defense effect the hyper move, and speed effect the assist move?

Do they breed faster if the girl and boy ratio is balanced?

Why is the brown paper cost only 1$ but the rest cost more and yield the same reward? (I think the brown should have a smaller reward, buy it when you are out of cash so you can afford the more expensive higher reward papers)

Folding papers is a faster way of getting money and is safe, shouldn't it be high risk high reward? Meaning that going through the dungeons and making it out alive should be the faster way of getting money, in my opinion.

I think a good thing to add is a crafting list, when you craft successfully it goes into a book and shows the materials, so once you discover one you will be able to go back and see how it is made.

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where is the option menu? why do I have to listen to this constant and boring sound track? why are the SFX so freaking loud? please add a little menu to lower the sounds... these dungeons are WAY too long. I was going through this thinking "when is there a end to this first dungeon?"... and lastly try to get more sound tracks. more background. and more options for your cubes (such as go for a walk, work out, train, play, ect)

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3.76 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2014
9:12 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)