Another Planet

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Episode 1: Bartholmhew

On Another Planet, evolution has led to the intelligent life being about 90% smaller than a human. This impairs the progress of civilization be cause the only way to build is to use slavery. But who controls the slaves?

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DBZ style stickman fight... I love it

The narration made a lot sense out of the details in this stick figure battle movie.

I love the added touch of on-screen text to represent character names upon introduction.

The character animations moved with your characters.

The stick figures have better poses than lots of other submissions.

Creating dynamic poses can be transfered onto other forms of drawing.

Nicely done and very entertaining.

I will review the other episodes later.

- Mightydein

anotherplanettheshow responds:

thank you brother!

ima be short and quick songs were a bit weird for this type of animation use a bit more fighty style lol idk but other than that it's pretty cool better than the other shits i see these days

nob bad quite good in fact though there was some points in the film where i couldn't really get what was happening as it all seemed to go a bit fast, was a nice blend animating with real life images though I quite liked that. keep it up :)

I didnt like first of all it doesnt have sense,second its a bit strange of sticks having a fight in planet Earth.But you are a good animator because you get the way of putting drawings in that atmosphere, so, remove the music the creppy voice and improve the background and you will be better.

anotherplanettheshow responds:

I appreciate your opinion, but anyone who uses the sentence "it doesnt have sense" has little authority on what makes sense. Also im confused as to why removing the music would make it better