Galaxy Siege 2

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Build your spaceship and go out to the space!
Fight the bad guys and the bosses, upgrade your spaceship and win the game.


Just as good as the first game but

Really really really hate those shields. The area they cover doesn't cover much or even the area they say they do. I put two of the heaviest shields near the front or on both sides of a turret and in INVASION where it is clearly just being hit by weapons fire, the gun dies well before the shields go 1/2 down.

Do the shield's looks effectiveness as they get hit? For a game like this that would be a massive downside.

The game concept is amazing and the customization is one that I can respect; but the AI of the turrets are infuriating, often many selecting the same enemy when several hundred are attacking. This causes AI turrets to lose precious seconds, re-selecting a target that's been now long dead due to its other turrets resulting their functions near useless. It is utmost one that I don't enjoy, but regardless a lovely 3.5 for your hard work and a 3 on the submission rating.

My only real issues besides the Ai of the turrets is how heavy it feels I'm forced to input design. There isn't much of a freedom to my creation: Collects back, fuel back, weapons and shields upfront. Course its brother counter part : Constellar : is one to be viewed as example, it is no doubt anything quite like it to a sense. Now pardon me as I eat my own couch over how infuriated I am watching my turrets aim aimlessly with out return fire to the real threats.

P.S.: I kept in mind of what turrets attack what, but they still persist on targeting enemy's that are already ripped apart by other turrets resulting in a massive lost of fire power.

Pretty cool, but requires some grinding for stars. Also, do effects from several guidance unit add up?

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Boring, horribly boring

This is a really nice game! I played for more than 2 hours for this game :) but I only rated 4.5 for a couple reasons

1. I really like games with upgrades with them but I end up being disappointed because of this common problem: No Preset feature. I had to end up arranging and re-arranging parts of my ship because of this. Call me lazy but this is really convenient when having games like these.

2. I can't see what I need to do so that I can get additional upgrades. I had a really hard time in figuring out what I needed to do in order to get this but it turns out that as you progress through planets, you can unlock it but please do put what to do in order for other players to be guided.

3. Lastly, I appreciate the attack modules prioritizing bigger targets and all but I'm a tad disappointed with the missile module. for example, on my ship i have over 6 guidance modules and 6 Double Big Rocket Lancher, I love it when the missiles stack but they are confused as to what to target if the first target they targeted is destroyed. I know this is kind of confusing but the missiles go back and forth in finding targets so it would be great if this was fixed somewhat.

Overall, this flash game is great (Y) Good job and good luck to your future projects :))

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3.76 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2014
8:14 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight