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Caleb And Robb, a new animated series! There's really no direction at this point just the characters in crazy situations.

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No, not Aragog!

Glad newgrounds put your stuff on frontstreet. I probably never ould have found it any other way. Your stuff is tv network quality man. Well friggin done. 5/5

What? Awesome content? I knew I came back to newgrounds for a reason!

Robb the robot huh? Any relation to the Nintendo Robot hahahah

This is the start of a story.
Its going to be filled with glory!
Or it might be just really gory.
Caleb Is going to be a quarry.

He shall deal day by day with is life.
Filled With way to many strife.
Unaware of the laugh that are rife.
With a logic as simple as using a knife.

My poem is shit your animation is hilarious. But I will admit I hope we one day get a (flashback) of how Rob and Caleb met.