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Reviews for "Follow The Spiders"

Great job great pacing, good build up, and funny ending. I kinda wish that there was a spider in a ninja suit that jump out of the shadows when the smaller spider started coming out. That would have made me lol also kinda wish you could have continued the part with the giant maybe make the spider see them and fight them boss style aka standing on top of a lot of red barrels and Caleb pulls out a lighter and throws it at the barrels. This way we can understand why the forest is on fire instead of one can of gas. I still give you five stars since it's random and great quality.

Great stuff, realy awsome!
Dat Harry poter scene and hilarious reaction with FIRE!
You sir, know how to RAVE it up!

This is the start of a story.
Its going to be filled with glory!
Or it might be just really gory.
Caleb Is going to be a quarry.

He shall deal day by day with is life.
Filled With way to many strife.
Unaware of the laugh that are rife.
With a logic as simple as using a knife.

My poem is shit your animation is hilarious. But I will admit I hope we one day get a (flashback) of how Rob and Caleb met.

Glad newgrounds put your stuff on frontstreet. I probably never ould have found it any other way. Your stuff is tv network quality man. Well friggin done. 5/5

No, not Aragog!