A Way Back Home

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Sent out on a unknown space mission in the 1920s. Suffering from memory loss, this man gave up on his body to continue his search for his long lost home.

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i just think its neat :)

This cartoon is quite mysterious. There's so little that's revealed. I admit it should have been longer. Well, it was made on a certain schedule. The music was great. I'm glad to have come by this.

That giant monster kind of looked like a penis. Well, on the Internet after awhile, everything looks like that. I did feel sorry for this guy. I wondered what the right house was. You deserve your high score.

StejkRobot responds:

Thanks and don't worry, the project file was named "giant space penis".

Very moving, animation was a little choppy at parts, but I loved it. The story was amazing, even if it was less than 2 minutes long. The ending was especially well done, the reveal (even though I guessed it was coming - not a bad thing) made me gasp out loud.

StejkRobot responds:

aw thanks, im glad you liked it! When given less than a month to make a 1 min animation you usually end up with something that's not exactly what you had in mind just because of all the corners you have to cut. So as soon as i have the time i will finish all of my NATA entries, they kind of haunt my dreams.

That was so sad!
The animation ones again great, very catchy from beginning to end ♥

Needs to be a series. So deep and emotional with such a large story to leave you guessing. Adventures to find his home, with a kick ass ending season-finale of another piece of the puzzle. Would be a great drama series, top seller no doubt.

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4.57 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2014
12:06 AM EDT