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Pride and Punishment

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Coffee Break!! 5 Points

A nice refreshing cup of coffee

Misstep 5 Points

Hey we all make mistakes.

You Found a Glitch!! 5 Points

That Glitch always finds a way to sneak himself in my games!

Goblin Slayer 10 Points

Did they all really have to die?

Death of a King 25 Points

Slay the Goblin King

Impervious Will 25 Points

You won't let a few hits slow you down

Master Dodger 100 Points

Wow you can really move!

Author Comments

*Update 7/17/14*
The game is basically finished now, CartoonCoffee is going to go back and touch up some of the graphics and backgrounds, and I will more than likely go searching for some sound effects later on today too, but other than that the game is finally fully functional and can be beaten. I hope everyone enjoys the game, and hopefully you judge it for what it is, and not what you hoping for it to be. If there are any bugs in the game please say so in the comments so I can hunt them down, but other than the mentioned from above this the final major update to the game. I hope you enjoy it.

*Update 7/15/14*
There is now a Game over screen and new areas for the player to explore. The game is still far from finished, but keep the constructive criticism coming so we can make the best game possible.

- The next thing I will probably do is create a tutorial for those that are struggling with the game itself, fix the bugs with the enemies, and allow players to get to the boss fight.

- WASD to move,
- J to Jump
- K to Shoot your arrows

Charge the arrows to shoot them into the wall and use them as platforms.

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A nice game. The Controls take a bit to get used to. I think my biggest complaint would be that the handling feels a bit sluggish. Maybe this is on purpose, but I found that it made the game less fun for me.

i do agree that this is overly ambitious as it stands now, but neat concept and i really like the art style. i hope that you will come back and try to make this better. good controls too, but i found the short enemies a bit annoying and i wish there was a melee weapon for close quarters or a way to see ahead. overall, i did enjoy it but i would really like to see an upgraded version soon! :D thanks!

glitchs2d responds:

We plan on coming back to this idea eventually. I wish I could say it would be soon, but that is doubtful since we are currently focusing our efforts on Eden. Once we do start working on a more fleshed out version I will be sure to let you know.

It looks nice and probably quite fun to play, but the tutorial was almost useless for me because each time an instruction popped up, I would already be holding down the J key and so the first part of the message was skipped. Managed to figure out K for shooting, by randomly pressing keys close to J, and somehow made myself invisible at one point, but after a half-hearted attempt at starting the game I died and gave up.
So if you update it, please, use an inactive key to progress the instructions! :P

It's difficult to vote on a game that's still to be finished. Nice and soothing soundtrack, but since the game's themes are so heavy - pride and punishment - maybe you could add darker tones to the overall gameplay. It's looking fine, anyways. Keep up.

I don't know if everyone else is having this problem, but once I reach the end of the last room before the boss and I try to go to the right off screen to trigger the green flash to take me to the boss room, I just fall off the edge and get a game over screen. Then, when I press retry, I end up in the boss room and the boss isn't moving (he's in like a standing animation) and my arrows go right through him without damaging him. I can also walk through the wooden gate in the boss room on the far right and I (again) will get a game over screen. Then, when I press retry, I get a screen where my three hearts are flashing, a brown background, a grey floor, and an arrow meter in the upper right corner filled to capacity (with no hero insight).

I like the game (even though it is probably pretty short). I really hope this gets fixed. I want to see how this ends.

glitchs2d responds:

Don't worry it's not a bug, its just not finished. I'm balancing the boss fight at the moment trying to make it beatable for the average player. I will probably release the update tonight, more than likely.

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2014
8:58 PM EDT