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Help secret agent Ruby infiltrate heavily guarded buildings and put a stop to the bad guys, one bullet at a time!
Arrow Keys or A and D
Up Arrow, X or W
Down Arrow or S
Space or C
Shift (hold)
Up Arrow or W (while in front of object)
UPDATE! v1.1
You guys have no idea how much your reviews, comments and messages have meant to me as a first-time developer! I've read every one of 'em and have done what I could with this update. Any major changes will be saved for GunMission 2!

Changes in Version 1.1:
- You can now change directions while crouching!
- Fixed the shooting-the-wrong-way-while-crouching glitch
- Fixed the possibility for death-by-1up in Stage 8
- The W key now jumps as well. Now you can play entirely left-handed!
- Collecting a floppy disk now awards 500 points
- Collecting all three floppy disks in a stage now awards an additional 1500 points
- Getting a "Flawless Mission" (beating an entire stage without getting hit) now gives you a bonus 5000 points
- 1up is awarded at 15,000, 45,000, and 70,000 points
- Made magazine drops less frequent
- Removed pipe graphic from Stage 2
- Made the platforming section of Stage 5 easier
- Fixed a glitch when jumping near barrels
- On the title screen, Training has been changed to Tutorial

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Double jump sucks but her hair flip is EVERYTHING.

I must admit. It is good for your first project. BTW I beat it.

Awesome Game Thumbs Up For

All of the level layouts were setup fantastically. Even though there were many recurring objects, it still felt fresh and never stale. The different backgrounds and the few parallax scrolling effects made it appealing to the eye.
Nice choice of sprites. Elevator Action Returns had some nice graphics and I bet no one knows this game anymore.
The music choices were also good and fits the style of the game.

As Typoder mentioned before, if the player jumps over any enemy, they instantly shoot at you. It makes it impossible to dodge that.
Your logo needs some sort of music. I recommend you using this (watch?v=D0ogKoc8LE4)
It's a YouTube link and I suggest using that one sound at 0:10.
Totally fits.

You have a knack for old-school video gaming and I hope you'll keep at it.
I'm actually working on my own stuff, but if you should ever need a sprite artist, here's one for you.

Conclusion: Awesome game; can't wait for the sequel

RyThom responds:

Thanks so much for the nice review! I'm totally going to use that intro sound, haha! That's exactly the sound that's always played in my imagination when the logo appears :D

The trick around jumping over enemies is to not :) Or, if you do, land in a crouch and blast 'em in the kneecaps!

Are you available to help rip some sprites? There are lot of great character models I'd love to pull from Elevator Action 2 for use in GunMission 2!

I love this game! The art is great! The game-play is really good too.

Did you do the artwork yourself? It's really impressive. It looks like a professional anime.
The game-play is also addicting, awesome job.

RyThom responds:

Thank you so much!

I wish I could take credit for the art, but I'm only responsible for about 30% of it. The character sprites are from an arcade game called Elevator Action 2. Some of the items are from Doom and a couple of the background sprites are from, of all things, Battletoads and Double Dragon. One day I'll team up with an artist and create entirely original graphics, but this is only my first completed game. I'm still learning how this all works :)

Glad you like the gameplay, too! :D Did you beat the game?

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3.92 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2014
11:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun