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2P Robot Jumper

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Author Comments

This is a 2 player game.

- P to mute, and L to unmute.

This only works in the menu screen, and in the actual game screen. Also, the music will restart each time you reach the menu. Sorry for that; I had a deadline to reach, and I only "programmed" the music in the last 3 minutes :p

The rest of the instructions are in game ;)

This is not a very serious project. My ambitions don't include hoping for winning one of the prizes in this Construct 2 Jam.

I only made this little game in order to compare Construct 2 to Stencyl, and that's really all there is to it :3

I was about to get this uploaded in time, but my computer had a mental breakdown and crashed hard... -_-

It was past 6 am in my country when I actually posted this.
All the graphics and the music were made in the final hours before publishing.
I didn't spend that much time making this, as I've been quite busy. It was a fun side project though, and that's what's important to me :')
(This is also why the game ties so loosely to the theme...)

My main goal of comparing Construct 2 to Stencyl has been reached too :)

Now, I should go play some of the other games that are part of the Jam! :'D

Grab a friend and play for a while! It's not the greatest game, but it's playable. As the game is randomized to some extent, the game will sometimes **** you over too XD

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This is a fun game. :) The aesthetics aren't that good, but the story cracked me up and the nonsense names and the weird design of the robots are absurd and hilarious.

I wish there was a one-player version of this! Two players is SUCH A HARD CRITERION TO FULFILL OMG

Still, it's fun! Aside from the 2p part, it's not that original of a concept for a game, but at the end of the day, it was just a fun little arcade game made to experiment with a new software, right?

Good job! Looking forward to more games from you in the future, whether they be Construct, Stencyl, or anything else that might strike your fancy.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks for reviewing all these small projects of mine, regardless of quality XD!

I feel that the plot is the best part of the game, due to its ridiculousness :D
The aestetics are bad indeed; I put next to no time on anything but the "programming".

Yeah. I didn't really have anyone to try the game with, so I played a single player mode to see how long I could survive, while I was making teh gameh. The single player version wasn't that entertaining, but while listening to something else in the background it was fun to play, as it demanded no real concentration.

The game is definitely not original, and it was definitely only a small result from experimenting with a software I had never tried before.

I am positively surprised with Construct 2, but I will probably stick with Stencyl, as I'm more used to it, and it feels more comfortable to me. Sadly, I won't make a new game for a while I think... Only 2 more weeks, and I'm being drafted D:
(I might not be able to leave many reviews for a while, unless I get a good phone that can actually be used for something else than calling [as well as a lag simulator]).

Dosen't get it done.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Uhhhh, okay? :p
Do you mean that the game doesn't load/run?
Either way, thanks for the review! XD