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WTC - Superhero

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This is a direct response to all of the hoopla about the cross found at the WTC site. One of 100,000.

This toon is designed to assist one in thinking critically about this.

This is the fourth toon my partner Buck Cash and I have created.

If you enjoyed this one, check out the others.


The Infidel Guy

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Why was this under the Religion collection and not the War On Terror one? Well, I guess the two are related. Yeah, I heard about this too. I knew there'd be something 911 related at this time. The first year anniversary was the hardest. We're still doing it today.

I guess the animation was quite nice. It does seem like it's just nothing but trying to be offensive. I don't see any social commentary in this. Maybe it doesn't hold up. If there's something anti-religious that most people don't like, I have to be against it.

9/11 is just like this flash

an inside job

Too soon! It will always be too soon lmao

ok thats funny

to think that jesus used all his godly power to make sure there was a cross on the wreckage..... roflmao

Review of WTC superhero

This was great. The reason that the cross was found at the WTC site is because that is the archictectural design used. Had they used thousands of stars of David then the Jewish symbol would be found somewhere. People who don't like it cry that it is distasteful because of the tragedy that occurred. I submit that they really don't like the challenge to their beliefs. In fact the distastefulness is the way everybody looks at that hunk of iron as a wonderful symbol when thousands died. Halllleujjjahhhhh! Praise the Lord for this piece of metal.