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Hydra Dominatus

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Grimaman 10 Points

Primary Target : Galvumer Grimaman

Artifact 25 Points

Primary target : Xenos Artifact

Draconocus 25 Points

Primary target : Corvitis Draconocus

Michorya 25 Points

Primary Target : Velicius Michorya

The Leak 25 Points

Secondary target : The leak

Ranko 50 Points

Primary target : Sheed Ranko

Hero 100 Points

Alpha Legion Hero

Author Comments

Hydra Dominatus is a short JRPG that takes place in the world of warhammer 40K.
In this game you are the first captain of the Alpha Legion and you are missioned by Alpharius on a difficult task.

* * *
Recent changes (you can check the version on right click)

v 1.1
- fixed volume level intro sound

- fixed Draconnocus Medal ( thx to Yatsufusa and Daplay3r )

- Cover action in battle has now 9/10 of being successfull (instead of 4/5)

- Cover protection is now 6/10 instead of 1/2
(chance of of dodging a ranged attack when on cover)

- and finally regen value for each new spot visited is now 13 hp (instead of 10)

- added a preloader

v 1.0
- Difficulty is now set to 'Human' by default

* * *
Tips :
- during fight ( especially assault marine) use the cover action disengage from close combat.
- you regenerate for each NEW spot, use your auspex to evaluate the best path
- each time you won a fight, all spots lose 1%
- flame thrower ignore ALL armor protection

* * *

Thx for playing :)

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It's shitty.
First of all it's retardedly random. You can go and git sawed by the first boss even on Human. Not to mention Primarque(Primarque? English, motherfucker, do you speak it? You sure?), where your 40 hp is basically 2HKO, especially by boss Ranko. Although he might do it with just one, without artificer armour.
Different action options doesn't matter little. You just stomp forward and wrrrr everyone. Cover doesn't seem to work. You'll get hit in close combat afterwards anyway. Ranged option has uses only when get access to flamethrower.
Next, the gameplay is basically loot all the bosses and try not to die in the process. Last ones are actually unbeatable without a proper gear, which forces you to run to get them all fast before terminator appear. You get to loot a plasma pistol from a security, who stated to have a bolt pistol.
The plot holes come out. It's rather retarded to send someone practically in their underpance by marine standarts to kill the whole base and terminator, techmarine with their armor just by bolter@chainsword. The idea of looting seem reasonable in some other universe, where donning an armour does not take half-an-hour for a basic model. For a mission that seem time-critical. In theory anyway.
Graphically it's again just a randomized collection of images. You didn't even bother to use related ones. Flail-wielding terminator with thunder hammer, Imperial Fists apothecary for a techmarine, guardsman for a sarge(security officer), inquisitor for a librarian. Raven guard marines for common marines.
Well. I'd say you weren't trying hard enough, really.

>Warhammer 40K

That's heresy, YopSolo.

YopSolo responds:

ahah yep, but a fun crossover :)

Good game, but need more stats to develop/strengthen your character, otherwise is stupidly hard
Maybe your marine has just graduated from scout and is adapting to his new organs,so health starts growing with experience? or give us psichic powers, or grenades, something to incease our options besides looting the bosses

Hmm no..
To fucking hard, no character development like leveling up to actually stand a chance, except when you come across a boss to loot them, but some of them are random as fuck which can be fun but very unfair. Now i can beat the first one which is always at the same spot but then a few dots away i encountered Ranko and he just 2 hits you and game over. After a while i got very lucky and got him later on in the game So i managed to beat him but i accidentily double clicked on his loot and for some reason he didn't switched my old gear like the others do but threw it away so now i was bare handed! I was at 71% so i was pissed off at that! >_<

There are also way to many random encounters aswell which make this game hard and tedious. It would be nice if the normal encounters would drop loot like a medkit (on a rare occasion). Or give exp to develope yourself

I like the style and gameplay but it's just trail and error and get lucky, not really fun which is to bad because i do like this game, but also don't.

YopSolo responds:

Thx a lot for this review and bugs tracking !

- Ranko is the captain terminator of the base, he appears and attack after a certain amount of 'mission time'.
( note : mission time increase when using medpack and auspex )

- more medpacks :
good idea, I will add random medpack drop ; or maybe create an apothecary with some medpacks.

Fun crossover between wk40k and final fantasy :p

( Look like a bug with "Draconocus" medal, because I have killed the techmarine and loot his flamethrower gun )

YopSolo responds:

i will check this, thx a lot !