Reviews for "Hydra Dominatus"

You know what? I was about to talk about how unbalanced some of the combat is, but I remember playing the real table-top and rpg warhammer. I remember it being brutal, and very unforgiving. So, yeah. This perfectly depicts that. Here you go. Perfect score.

YopSolo responds:

Thx a lot for this comment :)

much hard, such not possibru

YopSolo responds:

Yeah wh40K is a violent world, Hydra Dominatus is a merciless game :p

Bonjour Yopsolo!

Excellent jeu même si il me rappelle quelque chose ^^.
Est-ce normal de pouvoir fuir un combat de mini-boss?
Pour plus d'explications sur l'auteur obscur de cette review : http://running-panda.fr

YopSolo responds:

Salut Olivier :)
Oui, il y a un chemin qui se libère pour revenir voir + tard les mid-boss du debut.

Fun crossover between wk40k and final fantasy :p

( Look like a bug with "Draconocus" medal, because I have killed the techmarine and loot his flamethrower gun )

YopSolo responds:

i will check this, thx a lot !

First of all IMPOSSIBRUUUU!!!!!!!
and second, one of the enemys ranged attack was hitting me for 0006E damage...... that miiiight be a bug.......just maybe.....its a bug.

YopSolo responds:

Strange, can you send me a screenshot ?