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Monster Brawl

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Player 1 mode:
Mouse only.

Player 2 mode:
P1: wasd & h to confirm.
P2: Mouse only.

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Yay i beat the Game

I think this is good but could use some work.

Cool as a game to loose some minutes of your life... But I do really miss Amea, and that sort of games that are your speciality...

This seems like a cool idea, though it can always stand to be improved on. First off, the music is catchy enough to negate some of its repetitiveness, so that's a plus, I guess. Another plus is the simplicity of the controls, since it doesn't require strenuous amounts of navigation; however, maybe there could be a simpler way to list the NPC types you can buy, instead of having to keep pressing the arrows. A negative that this game presents is that there isn't much in terms of gameplay, as you can only watch the destruction of either your team or the other team. Sure, something like Starcraft can't be expected, but there could be at least some interaction in the battle (not to mention that not being able to participate kind of makes me feel like a chump :/ ). Otherwise, it's an okay game that has value, despite its simplicity and lack of direction (Why are the monsters fighting? Can't they just settle their racial differences over some cookies?).

Wow. It's my favorite game now. Very good.