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Reviews for "Monster Brawl"

Hmmm, no instructions? Maybe I'm missing a core part of the concept, but what-to-do seems like a confusing part of the game. You get thrown into a round and, die instantly? Avoid enemies? Attack enemies? Do what? Some gameplay introduction would be neat, it seems like a creative idea...


You should go back make games like amea, this not suit your style.

so cool music...i like the game only bcoz of its music....................................


Nice concept, but there are a few problems.
First of all, the font is very annoying. As cute as it might be, that type of font is too decorative to use for anything other than a title. It's hard to read and not user-friendly. Secondly, the game gets very boring very quickly. While idle games can be successful, it sucks the fun out of it in this one. The fight happens too fast to see and that makes the battles boring. Upgrading is too basic to be any fun either. And the number of monster types are limited, which, combined with the basic upgrades, makes leveling up much less fun. Overall, it's not the worst game, but it has a long way to go.