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Dungeon Blocks

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Dungeon Blocks is a Tetris inspired game in which you build holes, not lines. Depending on the dimensions of the hole, it becomes a block dungeon for a certain imp. In each stage new types of holes and dungeons to build to clear the level are introduced. Getting one star in each level is rather easy, but scoring 250000 or building a dragon treasury as in the last level is a serious challenge!

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Classic masterpiece with high replay value. Too bad that this game doesn't have medals, as I would get them easily. Either make a sequel or develop it for steam, or whatever.


The flash plugin doesn't work with this game? Anybody else getting this? (Chrome) I rated the average rating since I can't rate the game :p

Wow! This idea was surprisingly interesting, good job!

The game consists in using Tetris-like pieces that fall and can be controlled in mid-air like in regular Tetris, but instead of completing lines, you need to create holes to summon monsters! I like how the basic mechanics are similar to those of Tetris, but having a completely different objective from Tetris makes it so that the logical ways of combining pieces are very different, and what is commonly known as a good move in Tetris is exactly the opposite of that in this game.

As far as presentation goes, I quite like the medieval music and the pixel graphics, they add a nice retro feel to the game.

Seeing the ending screen, I suddenly feel like an evil overlord with a dungeon full of gradually-harder monsters for adventurers to fight past, leading inexorably to the final boss (and his demon lackeys). Great fun!
Although there seem to be a lot of skeletons and goblins, and not many golems and eyes. Just the way I build levels, I suppose.

It's a bit odd to get a star just for finishing the level, when it's impossible to *not* finish a level once you've started it. You can have a game that gives out stars in groups of less than 3, you know.

I'm dropping my score to 3.5 stars because I feel it lacks polish. The main character is a different resolution from the rest of the sprites, the title music keeps playing for a few seconds after you start the game, and there's no way to pause the game or return to the level select. And much as I love Oryx's tileset, it looks a bit cheap.

But the core game mechanic is utterly brilliant.