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Reviews for "Dungeon Blocks"

Interesting twist to the classic Tetris concept. I figured the bigger the gaps the better, but it seems that's not the case, instead it might be the amount of separate imps you can house? A guide would be nice, but exploring and finding out yourself has its own charm. The gameplay's slick and the graphics nice and nostalgic. Great game!


Given the similarity to Tetris, I found myself disappointed by the controls. This game doesn’t handle nearly as well. Because I play Tetris often, the difference was immediately obvious.

For example, I tend to rotate pieces in the most efficient direction, so the absence of counter-clockwise rotation feels limiting. Also, your controls don’t allow simultaneous rotation and fast-moving (holding a direction).

I like this approach to block-stacking. I enjoyed playing this despite my irritation with the controls.

It's a really good game, and I enjoyed it, but I think it needs a bit of work:
The music can be a bit repetitive, but that's ok since you can turn it off.
I think the way the blocks are worthless when you are by the top is very restrictive to gameplay. Maybe make it so you can't put new blocks there but let you keep those blocks instead of discarding them. The rate at which they are discarded is very annoying, if you are building anything close to the top you are bound to lose over three blocks just because.
A grid would be a very nice addition too.
And, the most important thing, a retry or back to menu button! I hate having to wait until all my blocks are spent when I'm trying to get new stars, if I know I screwed up early on.

First thing I had to do is tell all my friends about it. ^^

Interesting game with a twist on Tetris... make holes in a grid for monsters to live in!

Good balance of difficulty vs. achievement, like this a lot.