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Astro Jump: Jim in Space

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Author Comments

Help Jimmy get to the space station by jumping on asteroids and avoiding UFO's!

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The least I could ask for would be to have some way to tell how far you've gone and how much more you need to make it to the space station. Past that most of the other players that have left feedback are giving good comments and ideas for addition like music or better control of the character to not jump so high not be able to go down because you're stuck in hang-time in each jump. Even then it would still be a very basic game but nothing too offensive to hate with what you've made. I want to get the last medal but i don't know how far i'm expected to go and don't know if i've been close.

This game isn't too bad, but there are some improvements that could be made: add some music, add some indication of when the end of the game will be (like a map or distance from space station, etc.), and increase the difficulty. There were hardly any UFOs and some weren't anywhere near the path you had to take. Also, it was a bit annoying that if you jumped over the screen you automatically died. For a character that jumps so high, that's a bit of a pain.

I didn't have much fun playing this. Sorry.

Congrats on making a game though, but maybe add some other challenges and not make it so linear.

Why does he fall? There is no falling in space. It would have been better as a jetpack game where you have to manage your speed and momentum as you avoid asteroids and UFO's and such.

I get really angry when I read your response to Warkgnall. He gave you really constructive criticism with loads of tips of how to improve it. He also apologized for being harsh, wished you good luck, and all you can do is calling him a jerk.

Other than that, he is completely right on all points. This is the kind of stuff you show your friends, but not something you upload on a serious game site. If it's your second game, well, I guess it's ok, but it does not matter to us as gamers how many game you've made. It's simply no fun at all to play. If Warkgnalls tips wont help you nothing will.

Please continue making games, but before you upload a game, do try it yourself and try to be honest about it. Do you really think this can compare at all to a good game here? If you just wanna showoff your first project, then harsh criticism is unavoidable. We judge games and not school projects.