Reviews for "Astro Jump: Jim in Space"

This is a boring game with no color or barely any enemies. The game should at least had a way to score or at the very least, have music. Terrible game, and the only reason you should play it is if you want a medal.

This game lacks excitement, sense of progression, and ease of controls. Jim jumps too high and although I understand the need for a the slow movement (being that Jim IS in space), the game is set up that you can't stop moving for even a second until you lose by the bottom of the screen catching you, and all that rushing guarantees that you get killed by the UFOs that sit right on top of needed platforms to survive. Judging by the 2nd achievement that is worth 100 points just to beat the game, the game must be VERY long, which doesn't do it any good since it drags on, calling forth the wrath of boredom and longing for better development of the game's mechanics. The plot line was also very poorly developed, only being a short dialogue between two astronauts. I have NO idea why they are in space, why their spaceship blew up, and why aliens have chosen to "pick" on them as they make their way to a space station. The background was pretty bland, something some comets, planets, and perhaps other space craft could've fixed. Overall, the game lacks the elements to call this game "decent," and I feel that my score is what it earns.

Well. You took the same game and didn't make the game any more interesting, you only added in UFO's that move slightly back and forth and added two medals. It still doesn't fix the fact the asteroids are randomly generated so sometimes you can't jump up to the next asteroid because it is too high up, and no background music.

I gave you a 2 before (if I recall correctly), I'll only give you a 1.5 because of the ignored issues.

PixoArcade responds:

Actually, the asteroids aren't randomly generated, and you can jump on every one.

This game looks like it was made in a huge rush. There are tons of grammatical errors and the art is mediocre. The gameplay is very repetitive and the player quickly looses interest. In addition, this game seems almost identical to doodle jump. I would recommend adding music, checking your spelling and grammar, redoing the art so that it is at least consistent (the asteroids are in a very different style). Also, try animating the character sprite somewhat and add some variety in the stars in the background. Perhaps changing the jump mechanic so that it reflects the time the button is held down would help. I know this review was harsh, but you need to hear truthful reviews of your work to improve. It did have some redeeming factors like the arc of the jump as opposed to linear motion and the ability to sometimes skip asteroids, but overall this project seemed haphazard and could have used a lot more work. Best of luck in future games.

make if char max height = continue right now you lose because of this which is an error.