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stretchy-man episode 3

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Thanks for the front page Tom!

I can't believe it!!!!!!

This is so cool!!

episode 3!!!!
watch on here or youtube!
newgrounds http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/636322 youtube http://youtu.be/urQRNa0ggis . strechyman is a lovable bald dude who can strech himself anyway he wishes (more better animated episodes coming soon!

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When I saw the beginning where stretchy-man stole a crown, I thought it would be one of those boring soundless flash animations.
But then I saw the rest and this is absolutely Awesome!!
Great work!

Megacharlie responds:

Thanks :) glad you liked it and even more glad you followed me!
btw new clay episode coming out soon.

Below par.....waaaay below.

Megacharlie responds:

uhh ok.



Megacharlie responds:


It's like adventure time with AIDS 5/5

Megacharlie responds:

Ummmmm ok lol :)

10/5 would watch again. X)

Megacharlie responds:

Thanks dude! I like how you did the voices for stick king. I think you really pulled it off just right :)