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Reviews for "stretchy-man episode 3"

Good to see stretchyman using his special ability, that which makes him 'stretchyman'. I also think your animation skills have further improved, which is great to see. Lip-synching was pretty good and so were the sound fx and voice acting. However I found the plot to be quite hard to follow. The previous episode about the bread store was easier to follow because you let the characters explain the plot better. Now I don't really know what's going on. King Stickman comes to visit ? Stretchyman has to look for a magic cow ? And then there's no cookie for a thief at the end ? Hehe. I can see you put in a lot of effort. Anyway keep on making your own series I think it can be pretty cool. Definitely protected!!

Megacharlie responds:

I love how you review all the stretchy-man stuff :) thanks for the review but what do you mean by definitely protected?