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Seminia is a semi-minimalistic puzzle platformer with a twist: You may only jump once for each jump collectable you collect. Traverse through the 50+ keyboard-smashingly hard levels and beat the game for all the glory! Or.. Perhaps not.

(shown in-game)
arrow keys/WASD - movement
R - restart
Esc - Exit to menu
P - pause
-/+ - volume
0 - mute

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I got a secret key in level 19, is there a secret key in every level?

bem dificil parei no 6 :/

It's okay, but it keeps crashing, and even if it doesn't crash it takes 5-10 seconds after every restart or new level. The platforming is really finicky, too; I took about 10 tries at level 1(!) before I realized, oh, they really DID design it so you have to do it EXACTLY RIGHT. And at level 7, well, it says itself that it's too far to jump, so I have better things to do with my time.

pixelpandamonium responds:

hm I've not encountered this crashing. I'm assuming your computer is very old/low performance, or you have a problem with shockwave flash player/your browser, or a compatibility issue between the two. sorry for your trouble!

I got to level 34 before I said "to hell with this much memorization." Up to that point, it was challenging in a mostly fun way, though the gray of the buttons is way too easy to miss against some of these backgrounds. I'm looking at you, "dash hopes."

It's a little upsetting that I look at level 34 and am overwhelmed with a sense of nope, because I like this glitch thing you have going and I want to see where you go with it. But, alas, nope!

pixelpandamonium responds:

YEP fucking level 34. I really want to redo it but i keep getting talked out of it. only 1 person that I know of so far has passed it. oh well :D thanks for playing!

Oh my, I thought I reviewed this weeks ago, but it seems I forgot. Sorry for that!

Thoughts? This is actually a really good game. The art style is good enough, and the music is quite fitting.

What I really like though, is the game play. Not only is the idea quite original, but the level design is usually really good! Those helpful texts were pretty funny at times too :)

I played until level 26, before I got bored (I might play more later, we'll see). I think that adding medals would have been a good idea, and that it would've kept people playing for longer.

I honestly have a difficult time understanding why the score is so low compared to how good te game is; it deserves much better.

May I ask (I've done no research) where does the name come from :p ?

Overall, a pretty solid game.
Good job!

pixelpandamonium responds:

Wow thanks so much! I'm glad you thought so highly of my design choices :) I feel like I did make the game too hard, which puts a lot of people off. but i did intend for the game to be played by non-casual gamers. I definitely wanted this game to be an insane challenge. unfortunately some people think it's way too unforgiving. Which is not for me to deny.
And wow I totally thought i put in what the name means on the first level. Seminia is a combination of 'semi-' and 'minimalistic'.. because it is semi-minimalistic :D and i added an 'a' to make it sound like a name.
Thanks again for that awesome review!