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Author Comments

"..ingenious and accessible... just stop reading this and go play it." -Kotaku
"a surprisingly fun deck building game" -Penny Arcade

Highgrounds is an original multiplayer CCG with over 200 collectible characters. It's been called "Magic: The Gathering without the cards." We have tried to make it a game of skill above all else. Complete the single player campaign to amass a powerful army, then compete in multiplayer matches to prove your worth (and win more units). But be warned: this is a deeply strategic game, and more experienced players will likely teach you a hard lesson or three!

You can play Highgrounds both in real-time or asynchronously (if you like to play at a slow pace and/or juggle several games). Defeat your opponents by outmaneuvering them on the battlefield. WHERE you put your units is as important as WHEN you summon them. Front row or back row? 1st position or 2nd position? A well-timed move can spell defeat for your enemy… or for you.

Participate each week in our free tournament and events. Each week you can earn new free units and gems which can be spent on booster packs.

For much more detailed information about Highgrounds, including strategy tips, check out our forums: http://www.heartshapedgames.com/forums/

Other Tips:
-Completing campaign missions as well as the daily ghost match event are great ways to quickly build up your character collection.
-Having framerate and game speed problems? Check out our troubleshooting guide on the forum!
-If your game is running slow, try turning off SPECIAL EFFECTS using the toggle found in the main menu OPTIONS. We also recommend using the Chrome browser and updating to the latest version of the flash plugin.

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Dear lord realizing this game out over half a decade ago makes me feel old. going back through some older games on newgrounds on a bit of a nostalgia trip and this one actually still kinda holds up, minus the online probably being dead by now. The main thing looking back is there needs to be some way to search out units by their types and/or keywords when deckbuilding, the currency filter still leaves several pages to sift through.

five stars for the game itself, so much potential, should be an app. However, 2 stars for how limited the play is without pay. Think you shot yourself in the foot a bit. Some pay2play is fine, but how overpriced individual buys are for gems does not coordinate at all with the price of decks and gaining gems without paying is so slow and monotonous that there is not much to do without spending money.
People who like it, will likely eventually quit it, because of this inherently unbalanced system of pay2play. It's fine asking money for gems, but you should've balanced it better. You should've made certain tiers for pVp so new players didn't fight rich players. It just ruins the future of essentially a fun and immersing game I still play sparingly. (Though I would change my mind if changes were made, and would buy this as an app for my phone to support you, apologies for harsh review, but I'd like this game to expand and grow, I hope if you come across this you do make adjustments. I think it would expand your audience etc.)

A fun combat system, that is ruined by pay to win mechanics and an unfair disadvantage towards new players of this game. The duplicate system is also some what unusable for players who don't buy the packs.
The graphics and animations are nice.

P.S. never trust Kotaku
Edit: Found a bug whilst trying to log in. The game wouldn't stop loading for 2 minutes and then it crashed! After, I managed to log in, but now the background is pitch black.

The game itself is excellent and would normally deserve five stars BUT: 1.) It takes literally TAKES YEARS to build a decent deck unless you buy A LOT of packs. If you don't spend money early on, you will keep losing for a LONG time. Don't play unless you want to either spend a lot of money or time on this game. 2.) Even if you get a decent deck together, you will still lose to insanely streamlined commanders, so you will spend more time and money to create perfect commanders until you can finally compete a little with the top players. And spending that much time and money on such an obscure game? Well, there aren't many regulars here.

I have only just played the beginning so far, but this is a fun little time consumer. Great graphics, smooth gameplay and cutscenes, and loads of in-game options. \.O./

Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Feb 13, 2014
11:23 PM EST