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Lost Ball

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Author Comments

Lost Ball is a game where you roll a ball, jump platforms, and get new abilities to solve puzzles, Metroid Prime style.

Game supports fullscreen! (Press ENTER)

This is my first flash game. I wrote the physics engine myself.

Thanks to Step for the music, and Akle for various graphic objects (environments are just drawn by Flash, not paint like many seems to think...) It won Game of the Year in Norwegian Game Awards 2013, *despite* the graphics.
(proof: http://gameawards.no/

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This game has a pretty great idea. Similar to the red ball series. The gameplay isn't bad, but it isn't good either. Your jump speed is slower than the enemy's speed which is an easy fix. I wonder whats the point of the HP bar if the smaller enemies don't even hurt you. The programming and art has potential to be better. The music which is by the one and only Step is beautiful. Not bad.


PianoGamer responds:

I am guessing you have the worst platforming skills ever, rather.

This is hard as ****.

Alright, I played the first 5 levels of this game (AND I BEAT THEM ALL WITH A MOUSEPAD).
I might return for the rest later.
It's definitely not a bad game.
The graphics are of course not the best, but they are quite cute, so you can definitely enjoy the game nonetheless. (Got to love how those bird-enemies look. Btw, the enemies were the most dangerous creatures in this universe; I died like a million times.... Don't play this with a mousepad...).
The music however, is the best. Step is the very reason I came here in the first place :p

Gameplaywise, I'd say this is a pretty difficult game; it takes practise to 'master' the ball's movement. Mainly, this game was very smooth. However, at some parts things became a bit nitpicky, imo.
Even the puzzles were challenging at some points, which is a good thing. I also liked the way you introduce a new item, and thus a new game element in every new level.

This was without a question a pretty original game, so I liked that as well. Of course, since it's a ball/platform game, it bears some resemblance to the pretty old game wOne, if you've heard of it (especially in level 3). Then there's level four, where "Automation" is featured. I think that its structure actually is pretty similar to that of "Slippery Climb" from the Crash Bandicoot game :p

I could go on for ever in this review if I wanted to be picky, but there's no need for that.

Overall this was a good game, and good job winning that award ;)

PianoGamer responds:

Thanks. The difficulty was one thing I would have liked to tweak, but the guy I had some plans to work with on that vanished. I spent most time on physics/AI/designing levels with NURBS curves so I was happy enough the be able to include the difficult challenges I wanted, what's needed though is a lot more easy content before starting with the challening stuff, but it would be a bit boring without more interesting visuals etc. The judge of the competition said with some more graphics design it could release commercially and whatnot, but it's not very graphically optimized and the guy I mentioned who disappeared was going to make graphics, so for now I just released like this. I might expand on this later but I am also busy with university and I will probably make easier game (easier to make) before looking into this again.

Was quite apprehensive at first due to the graphics but I did enjoy the game itself! I do like the minimalist look however the i feel that the graphics good be refined a little. All in all, it's a solid game.