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Monopoly Logic

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EDIT: Thanks for the feature, NG!
EDIT: Wow! 5000 views. I appreciate every one! Cheers guys!
EDIT: 10,000 views? You guys have way too much time. Thanks so much for visiting my little corner of the internet :).
EDIT: 20,000?! Whaaaaa??

This has always bugged me about monopoly. I thought of this earier today and decided to animate this little sequence to see how quickly I could do it. Took around 4 hours.


P.S. Always been a big fan of Cyanide and Happiness, hence the visual style! Check them out at explosm.net

P.P.S. The dog is the best monopoly piece...woof.

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Badass in all aspects! 5 stars!

If only life were this easy... We'd stack up a multi-billion dollar city-wide corporation combine in two hours.

Stupid monopoly cards make life to easy.

(Also nice work.)

LinkTCOne responds:

It's all about Regent Street, yo.

Yep... Life's a bitch...


LinkTCOne responds:

Glad you like it!