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Archimedes' Labyrinth

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Non-euclidean maze game. Basically find your way to the maze exit as quickly as possible. All rooms are identical, but there are only 8 of them. This is a work in progress at the beta stage posted for feedback. Please let me know what you think of it (and if you finish it; what your score was.)

Game has long been abandoned due to negative feedback on the first site I posted it on; but I figured I could at least get more feedback here; worst case scenario is just it get blammed with no constructive criticism and goes back to being forgotten by me and everyone else.

Ver. 0.2: First public beta version of the game. All main features present. Front and Back ends are minimal. Lacks audio. Only Single level playable.
Ver. 0.21: Due to brightness complaints; added control for the lantern brightness -/+
Ver. 0.22: Mouse now locks to screen to prevent it flying everywhere. Default brightness raised. Fog effect added. Few other minor art changes.

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This could be good, but NG is not the place for this type of game. The mouse controls are waaayyy too sensitive and the movement controls (WASD) just feel really clumsy and awkward. and turning up the brightness (lantern) is an absolute necessity, and game starts out so dark that I missed half of the hallways(?) at first.

Bcadren responds:

I'd have to ask you a couple things. (Respond in PM if you will). What kind of system are you running? (Lighting is fine on my own computer; but that control was added because other people had the same complaint, so I'd like to no what OS/browser, or whatever causes it). If not here and not Kongregate where would I put such a game that it would 'fit in'? And best description of the area is 'twisty turny tunnels all alike' (underground).

When i first read Labyrinth, i thought it was going to be a classic maze. however, that's not the case. you can get lost and turned around without knowing where you've been really easily. there's not really a way to figure out where you've been and where you are going. is there a destination point you're trying to get to, because i spent 10 mins going through portals and never could find it of there was. it felt like i was going in circles because every tunnel looked the same. anyways, this has potential, but i am stuck as to how to provide positive feedback. maybe add a different color hue to the walls in various sections, or a map overlay showing where you are in relation to the overall picture. also, you never mentioned how to activate the fire pits(?) located in the middle of each intersection. i figured it out by clicking while facing it, but maybe not everyone did.

Bcadren responds:

Honestly; that's the concept; you can't tell where you are without leaving breadcrumbs (lighting torches) and trying to draw a map on paper. Making the rooms unique would ruin the concept a bit. Though yes, there's a solution...and actually there's only 8 rooms in the prototype.

cool beginnings - but i'm not sure what i'm looking for or trying to accomplish. if there was some sort of indication of what the goals were, that would help a lot. good luck.

Unable to evaluate, leaving comment for debugging purposes only. I use Ubuntu Linux. I don't know how it's registering with your flash, but the error message I'm getting is:
This submission is not compatible with your device:
Requires Unity3D plugin.
Unsuitable for touchscreen devices.
(end quote)

This is not a touchscreen computer, but perhaps Ubuntu's version of Flash registers as such? Either way, sounds like an interesting concept for a game. Hope to see a version I can play at some point. Good luck! :-)

Bcadren responds:

I think that's site-side.
Unity3D plug-in is actually required and it's not suitable for touchscreen devices (I gave Newgrounds that information).

But, it being pulled it up as not suitable for touchscreens comes up on some non-touchscreens (mostly laptops) I think is a Newgrounds issue. (Seen this on multiple HTML5 and Unity games).

I could make it touchscreen suitable to remove that, BUT I think Ubuntu (and Linux in general) aren't currently supported by the Unity plug-in at all.

Needs improvement. I think i found the exit and everything just went black. I don't know what you plan on adding, but I feel it's missing something.

Bcadren responds:

It's just a small prototype anyways. What I'd like to add if it's a full game is a lot of levels and other things; but for the moment. I fixed the glitch that was causing the endgame screen not to show. Don't be disappointed that you didn't get it, it's just a screen that says in the same (Green System) font as the opening

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