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The Destroyers Saga V

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--Episode Synopsis--
As instructed by the goddess of the Reki, Leon and the Time Wizard have made their way to the shrine of Arkadius in hopes of getting military aid from the Asren army. On the other side of Asren, Orrin breaks down on hearing of Kanji's death.

--Series Synopsis--
The Destroyers Saga is an epic fantasy series surrounding the mounting struggle between the protectors of peace and those who seek to destroy. Follow recluse mercenary Orrin as he crosses paths with gods and monsters alike to save the world from annihilation.

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Like all the other episodes, this is pretty good but definitely needs improving. I do look forward to the next episode and would like to see how this saga plays out. Nice job!

Though there's not much actuallly going on in this episode, the end was an inspiring finale, great music; great words. Wish there was more action though, keep it going!


This was so over the top and dramatic. Cheer the fuck up people!!!

I'm not really sure what to say about this, so I'll just present some personal nitpicks.

-The writing could use a lot more effort. Much of it is somewhat dry, not very engaging and unrealistically forced.
*Something you want to try to do when making dialogue is distancing yourself from the characters. What I mean by this, is that some writers, when writing, impose their knowledge of the characters without realizing said characters would not realistically know what the other is thinking.

Examples include characters finishing each others sentences, knowing exactly what the other character is thinking or a character knowing a different one's complete back-story without warrant.

-In more regard to the writing, you want to watch out for a character blindly running along with a dialogue. What I mean by this, is having a said character or several characters blindly going along with a character without much warrant other than to advance the plot or satisfy the author.
*Examples in your work include the blonde girl in stereotypical anime fashion trying to cheer up the jacket-less character while turning a blind eye to his angst/aloof nature. Or the dialogue afterwards that went along the lines of:
"You forget who you're talking to, you must be getting old."
"Well then, hmmph, I must be old then."
Try to think about how people would react realistically. You can have the blonde haired girl lose patience with the man without sacrificing the caring part of her. You can have the older character quiet down after he gives a thinly veiled passive aggressive response.

-In regards to the lines: well, the lines... they're distracting.
*I found it somewhat unappealing how thick the line work was. I would suggest turning the line tool's thickness down in properties to at least 50% of what you used in the movie.

-As for the art, try switching it up a bit or practicing a bit more.
*I noticed a lot of front view perspectives in the characters- especially when talking. This gets boring fast, especially if there is not much emotion in their faces to begin with. Try switching the perspectives to a 3/4s, side, bird's eye or worm's eye view occasionally. If you're feeling particularly passionate, switch it up within the dialogue instead of reusing the same face.

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3.80 / 5.00

Jan 4, 2014
11:40 AM EST
  • Daily 3rd Place January 5, 2014