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We're Pirates 2

rated 3.08 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Dec 27, 2013 | 9:23 AM EST
  • Daily 4th Place December 28, 2013

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BRONZE HEAVY SHIP 5 Points Built 50 heavy ships
BRONZE MEDIUM SHIP 5 Points Built 50 medium ships
BRONZE SMALL SHIP 5 Points Built 50 small ships
CORSAIR 5 Points Destroy 100 enemy's ships
COSSACK 5 Points Destroy 600 enemy's ships
SILVER HEAVY SHIP 5 Points Built 100 heavy ships
SILVER MEDIUM SHIP 5 Points Built 100 medium ships
SILVER SMALL SHIP 5 Points Built 100 small ships
BAD CREWS 10 Points Level up your crews to Lv.20
BUCCANEER 10 Points Destroy 1000 enemy's ships
GOLDEN HEAVY SHIP 10 Points Built 500 heavy ships
GOLDEN MEDIUM SHIP 10 Points Built 500 medium ships
GOLDEN SMALL SHIP 10 Points Built 500 small ships
JUST ASSETS 10 Points Level up your crews to Lv.10
BADASS PIRATES 25 Points Level up your crews to Lv.40
CAPTAIN PIRATE 25 Points Destroy 2000 enemy's ships
INTERCEPTION 25 Points 1000 times your crews reach the enemy's piers
MAX THE REPAIR 25 Points Upgrade all hero's ships to Lv.MAX
MONGRELS 25 Points Level up your crews to Lv.30
PIRACY 25 Points Collect 9.999.999 golds
PLATINUM HEAVY SHIP 25 Points Built 1000 heavy ships
PLATINUM MEDIUM SHIP 25 Points Built 1000 medium ships
PLATINUM SMALL SHIP 25 Points Built 1000 small ships
THE ESCAPIST 25 Points Successful flee in 50 times
THE NINE KING PIRATES 25 Points 100% completed the side quests
THE REAL PIRATES 25 Points 100% completed the main quests
TREASURE HUNT 25 Points Collect all items
WANTED! 25 Points Recruit all heroes
WE'RE PIRATES! 25 Points 100 times battles
WHITE FLAG 25 Points Parley in 50 times

Author Comments

The Adventures of Jade to find his father is began again. This time with his ship "Lovehearts" and stronger crews, Jade sail to the new world with new ships, new upgrades, new items, new characters and of course with the strong enemies and challenges too!!
The Nine King Pirates now is appear! Help Jade beat them all and find his father!!


Major Gameplays:
- Destroy enemy piers!
- Destroy enemy hero ships!
- Defense your pier from enemies attack!
- BOSS battle!
- Upgrade your piers!
- Watch out from Kraken's attack!
- Epic story!
- Fantastic graphic and gameplay systems!
- A lot of quests!
- Explore the world!
- New Villians!
- New model for all hero and villian's ships!
- Search for rumors on the PUB!
- Upgrade your ships in the shipyard!
- Level up your crews!
- Side quests available!
- Collectable items and rewards!
- Recruit new heroes!
- Discover the rare items!
- Secret BOSSES!

'Left Click Mouse button' to object - Switch Object (Look Object Stats)
'W + Left Click Mouse buttons' - Movement Action
'S + Left Click Mouse buttons' - Skill Action
'Q or E buttons' - Cancel Movement / Skill Action
'A and D or Left and Right Arrow buttons' - Scrolling The View
'Z button' - Build Small Ship
'X button' - Build Medium Ship
'C button' - Build Heavy Ship
'+ (plus) or - (minus) buttons' - Faster Speed or Normal Speed (Time Speed)
'SPACE button' - Change Hero Ship or Your Pier
Hold 'Shift + SPACE buttons' - Look Enemy Hero Ship or Enemy Pier
'P button' - Paused
'M button' - Mute / Unmute



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Gameplay is too slow for me. Controls are not really convenient. Also i dont see much of a strategy in this, im just clicking ships to go and watch them swim.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Just let us click the things we want to attack so they are attacked and click to move! Also the tutorial got on my nerves so very much!

It's a nice game though and it has a good premise.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The text is unpolished and unfortunately for me, it ruins a large part of the game. This game has the ability to be great, but the text is awful. I however love the gameplay. it is reminiscent of the ps1/3do title Shipwreckers. I love this game, and in fact would be willing to help you perfect the language in the game. If you are perhaps interested, you can contact me on here.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

a single player should be fun
i keep wondering what this upgrade cap for ...
why need to limit upgrade in single player game ?
cap only used for a fair game
lack of control to ~
should give shortcut for each main ship ...
there's no point to making faster time speed
if the player lack of control
we need fast click button for faster time speed
if you check everything properly this should be 5 star
and the game play is to old
there's is tons of game with same style with this
at least put something unique for the game
well still this game worth 3 hours playing

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Initial review
Good Concept - 3/5 (Who doesn't love pirates n blowing things up)
Execution - 3.5/5
Characters - 3.5/5
Text/Scripts - 1/5 - 1. Pirates don't refer to each other as 'dude' (as far as my only source One Piece has taught me :P ) 2. The overall language ruined the experience for me.. sometimes having to read a sentence twice to understand it.

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