Road Of Fury

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Author Comments

In the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits.

Update (24 Dec):
- 'P' now pauses the game
- "Train stuck" bug is fixed
- Laser and Rail Gun are improved
- Spares Dispenser now heals the weakest car
- UAV Bots are improved

- Aim&Shoot – Mouse.
- 1-2-3 – Activate device.

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cool but laggy

When i first played it i got frustrated it a very adictive game the lag really messed me up sometimes but it really is a well made game

I'd say this is a great game with a just a few tweaks needed to make it almost perfect. First, liked the idea that it changed the concept of games like "storm the house" into a new concept. The graphics were great for a flash game, neither too over done nor too cartoonish. Liked the variety of skills and weapons of each car. Now the only problem comes down to a specific point: that is the Spares Dispenser Truck, or the Booster. In the author comments, I read that the Spares Dispenser repairs the weakest vehicle. Well, did not work out for me. I had my Ram as my first car, or the at the far right, Booster in the middle and Boss at the far left. At first, when none of the cars were damaged, Booster had the least base hp being 1900 something (I did not fully upgrade everything yet) while Ram had around 2500 something hp. So it is acceptable that the spare parts all went to Booster. But when my Ram starts taking damage and had its hp drop to around 1000, the spare parts still land on Booster and Booster only! Though Booster had higher hp than Ram. This continued on until my Ram got destroyed. In a second trial, I switched the places of Ram and Booster, and found out that actually what happens is that the spare part sprite tends to go and drop in the direction of the vehicle that it wants to repair, which means that the update somehow works. And the problem that I met at first was actually because Ram's tail is shorter than Booster's head, so when the spare part sprite wants to drop on Ram, it reaches Booster's head first, so it heals Booster instead of Ram. I believe it would be better if you deleted this sophisticated progress and changed the Spares Dispenser into something like this: instead of throwing a spare part sprite, just instantly heal the vehicle instead. This would make everyone's life easier. Over all, nice game.

When I found out that you only point and shoot I was skeptical. I gave it a try and ended up playing all night until I got to the end fight.
Love the body parts flying around! Loved the enjoyment of zapping all those jet pack dudes with missiles! I like the timing that they come in waves.
Towards the end though, everything was so automated that I didn't have do anything but sit back and wait until the higher levels. Good Job!

Very strong Mad Max vibe on this one (Road of Fury, Fury Road, basically the same thing), and a whole lot of fun to play. I'll be coming back to this game for a while, I can tell you that much. I just wish it had some Medals to earn; I'd kill so much time trying to get them all!

Credits & Info

4.24 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2013
8:06 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight