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SUPERBLADE! A quick and tense ninja adventure, made for #LD28. Walk the path of SUPERBLADE and cut down all those in your way, until they cut you down.

Arrow keys to move
X to hack at dudes.

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too hard :/

Stupid gun ninjas! Gah!

well.... this is an unexpected piece of work. knowing the author, more or less, this is the kind of gaming i love!!!

don't need superfluous shit like extra lives, upgrades, skill trees, etc. its like today's gamers are programed to have extra stuff to help cope with the lack of skills... kind of like candy-crush... except this is so minimalistic and bareboned that it BEATS candy-crush in my book by a LONG LONG LONG shot....

overstuffing a game with pointless junk just so people will continously return to suck out more time and money, not my type. but this! this is addictive, varied, damn nice, has a retro feel, catchy music, is easy to learn but harder to master!

so to all the haters whom have posted how they hate the game because of things like enemy hazard immunity, go on faceboob instead of Newgrounds.


P.S. not saying there hasn't been good feedback, but take the damn game as it is and build your OWN skills instead of relying on extra stuff for a change. i scored a five after a few attempts AND i figured out how to beat the shuriken ninja without getting killed... which is more than what most have given it time to understand.

Nice game, 4/5.

¿why all the guys have a better gun than you ?