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Joy 2: Chivalry

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Took me a while to knock this one out. Been busy doing other stuff.

This episode was based off a comic I drew which was based on something that actually happened to me in San Francisco.

A lot of the themes of Joy are about political correction, and shitty people because when I moved to San Francisco to study, all of that crap hit me in the face and inspired this series.

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Oh how you caught the inverted logic modern feminism works by these days. And to think, sometimes animation is imitation of life.

LOVE... AMERICAN STYLE... truer than the red, white, and blue...

And you included a jab at the thought police, ...tasty. I also liked the sort of Cyanide and Happiness feeling of the story too. Nice short of office life in America and the razor's edge gender politics and gender identity has become in the work place.

Top Shelf.

damn thats a sad but true story lol women, such a complicated species but all us men love women no matter how weird or sarcastic or crazy or how "bithchy" a woman can get, we men try to be true gentlemn but some women dont apprecitae that but in secret they actually like you I guess thats the reason for being a "bitch" lol women dont want to let their guard down maybe because some are too self concious and had bad experiences lol okay I think I thought too deep into this animation lol nice job funny as hell)



Haha, that's the kind of twisted world this is now, everyone's supposed to be so equal people don't know what they are or what they're doing anymore... though in this case it looks like they did know... anyway, a ton of fun watching, keep it going!


Great animation my friend, humor was smooth but strong at the same time, like it should be.