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Reviews for "Joy 2: Chivalry"

This was awesome, loved the classic animation style and the music!
The voice acting is really good, and Lynda┬┤s voice makes her unbearable.

Please make more of this, awesome job!

Like it very much. Nica classic style.

Please, PLEASE, do a small cartoon where she fucking kills her self and other feminists or she goes to jail or gets fired or SOMETHING, and i assure you 5 stars everyday. I fucking hate feminists, and i hate situations where they don't get what they deserve. other than that, I love everything you do!

I love you.

Jesus christ this makes me laugh.

Mum was a feminist, the sort that wanted equality and respect. So she raised me to respect women and the like. Open doors, seat the lady, that sort of thing.

I'm afraid one day this is going to bite me on the ass though. Just like in this vid.

After hearing "Those are women," I literally comment outloud, "You just earned your 5 stars." Then I look down at the top comment at the time. Strong work.